Interdisciplinary Program in Space System

Program Information

Interdisciplinary Program in Space System Seoul National University

The Interdisciplinary Program in Space System was established to build educational programs and practical infrastructures for the timely development of advanced human resources to successfully lead the country's mid- to long-term space development projects. It aims to foster high-end, creative and practical human resources necessary for the realization of space power and the development of space industry, providing the basis for the development of core technologies in the field of projectiles, satellites and space material.

The Interdisciplinary Program in Space System operates a space education program of full-time faculty members of five departments, and laboratory staff members. This program focuses on education and research capabilities in the field of launch vehicles, satellite and its applications, space materials, and space risk in response to national long-term space advancement project. In addition, we will build a space education network (우주시스템교육협의회) consisting of domestic universities, research institutes, and companies to function as a human resource development hub.

Space industry is not only the space technology but also the ultimate cutting-edge technology. In addition, economical effect and technological advancement of the industries can be anticipated. Because it can be used for immediate defense technology, it is very important for us to lead the national space development project. Therefore, through Interdisciplinary Program in Space System graduate school, we are going to develop an interlinked curriculum between aviation, machinery, electronics, computers and materials in order to secure the right amount of defense technical manpower for successful implementation of the government's space development plan.

Introduction by discipline

Launch Vehicle System Field

Learn the basic concepts, modeling techniques and dynamic response analysis required to understand the launch vehicle system. The knowledge of the launch vehicle system design and related detail fields are gained through the practical practice connected with a number of IUIC (Industry University Institute Collaboration) to develop practical launch vehicle design/creation and testing capabilities.

Satellite and Satellite Application Field

Learn about design techniques of satellite system that take into account overall details and various methodologies and design processes of the satellite's systems. In addition, we are focusing on the knowledge of important communications, images and optics in the field of satellite use, such as remote sensing and satellite information utilization and study the development/utilization of satellite systems by doing practice at related IUIC and companies.

Space Materials Field

Learn about the properties and manufacturing of materials used in space structures. Then study materials used at each system such as low-density & high-strength material for lighter weight and heat resistant material that can withstand high temperatures generated by atmospheric reentry or engine as space technology which is commonly required for launch vehicles.

Space Risk Management Field

As part of the national effort to establish a national space risk management system, which is implemented from 2014, we will study various potential risks of space, reentrant and space risk damage analysis/prediction technology for preventing property loss and casualties.